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If you like large scale RC warbirds you should of been to the Warbirds over the Rockies airshow. If you did not. Then you better subscribe to RC universe's YouTube channel to get all the action! I did!

Plantraco Microflight, a remote control airplane and blimp company is selling a "as seen on CNN" "balloon boy" blimp kit for $19.99. So you to can enjoy a piece of the action!

Fully Sick RC Videos

Thought I'll show you two fully sick RC videos that I found recently. That are a cut above the rest of the "normal" RC flying or driving videos you usually find online. Enjoy!

Racing RC CORR Trucks

Sorry it's been awhile, in terms of updates in the RC racing scene and other fully sick RC stuff.

I have have just finished installing my new NOVAK 10.5 brushless motor combo, Pro-line Bow ties and the milled out aluminum mount just for a little bling. It is lighter than the stock though!
Moved the battery farther back, changed the suspension settings to what I saw everyone else using at the pits the other night and cleaned it up.

Gave it a quick test before the sun went down in the backyard. Very impressed. It has heaps of traction, nice power band off the start and no more brushes! The brakes are a bit sensitive to my liking but that can be fixed.

Overall money well spent and can't wait to race the "big boys". Stay tuned!

The place I bought all my stuff from was AMainHobbies. Who I can't praise enough. Stupid fast shipping, awesome products, good variety and they gave me a free T-shirt!

Well Friday night was my transition from a basher to a racer. (I'll still bash my HPI Baja though). I had been a basher for a very long time and had always wanted to start racing but..... you know how it goes life holds you back.
But when I first saw the 1/10
th scale CORR RC trucks come onto the market. I knew straight away it was time to pull finger and do it!

What can I say? It was fully sick fun. Awesome track, awesome people and I can't wait till Friday night! So how did it go...

Firstly the CORR truck class at my club is huge. It had to be broken into 2 mains. I pretty sure there were about 18 CORR trucks in total! Not including the three that raced in the novice class. One of which was me.

The format consisted of 3 5min qualifiers and then 5min final. I came 6th in the first qualifier, 2nd in the 2nd qualifier and 6th in the third qualifier ( this was due to radio interference.....seriously,it's not a excuse:) My grid position for the final was 5th.

Guess what I came? 3rd!!!! I was on the podium. I was really happy with that. Considering the novice class consisted of buggys and truggys that have more power and a lot more traction. I never used more than half throttle. The track was really hard packed making the RC truck a real handful to drive. They are a lot harder to control than any other class by far. What made my night though, was the club president approached me and said next Friday night I'm with the big boys no more novice class for me!!! ( did someone say the next Adam Drake :)

So what did I learn. Firstly bring mosquito spray and get descent tires for better traction. I have just finished putting in a order for Pro lines Bow ties, a 10.5 brushless system, pinion and spur gears and spare set of A-arms. Then a 2.4GHz radio system so I won't be able to make excuses. Overall a great night and no regrets.

Lesson for the day - stop delaying, pull your finger out and get dirty!

This Friday night I will be moving up from a basher to a racer. In both driving skills and in the wallet! It will be my first time racing a RC car or more precisely the RC CORR truck class. That has become the biggest class at my local RC club.

This is a good thing, so at least I can hide my terrible driving skills amongst the masses. But I did find two very informative articles. One giving advice on how to approach club racing. In terms of rules, regulation and the few d@#kheads that you may come across.
The other article shows you methods of practicing and "thinking" like you're in the car.

The advice and practice methods have helped me, I think anyway. But the true test is coming. I'll let you know how I go!

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